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Apart from the knowledge and capabilities of our employees, our biggest asset, we have a large amount of equipment to enable us to develop highly sophisticated automation systems.

We have a complete Research & Development fabrication facility.

  • 25kW induction heating (forming) system

  • 12' x 10' high precision xyz Parker gantry system

  • 12' x 12' high precision xyz ESAB cutting gantry

  • Large 6 axis Puma robot

  • Plasma cutting system

  • Gas torch cutting system

  • Machinist end mill

  • Nuvonyx 4kW direct diode laser system

  • Metallurgical facility

  • Vacuum glove box

  • Electronics room

  • Miller maxtron and nirvana MIG/TIG/arc/GMarc welders

  • Bug-O track semi-automated motion system

  • Inventor 3D Solid CAD modelling software

  • ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software




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