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Hull Straightener (PAS-H)

Native American Technologies is developing additional flexible automated systems for use in shipyard production facilities.  Using the recently launched product PAS-D (deckplate straightener) as a base system, we are designing a machine that will enable shipyards to feasibly straighten ship hulls as well.

Currently, acetylene torches ( < 3KW heat source) are used together with a sprayer to heat and then quench bulkhead plates with a water and air mixture.  This manual process is costly and time consuming and causes delays in schedules and reduces the availability of craftsmen needed for other jobs. 

One particular advantage of the hull straightener over the other automated straighteners is the lack of obstructions.  Scaffolding or stairs may be a problem, but at some point everything that would congest the area and hinder the machine from straightening the hull, will be removed.

The automated process proposed in this project will utilize a 25 KW induction head, which will straighten the plates twice as fast.  This includes setup and takedown time assuming a large section needs straightening in the area.  It will also remove the worker from the heat source, free craftsmen to do other needed jobs, and reduce Total Ownership Cost (TOC) of the Navy ships.  Shipyard craftsmen will be included early in the development process to ensure acceptance and implementation of the new process.  The Portable Automated Hull Straightener (PAS-H) will be an application of flexible automation in the shipbuilding industry.  It will be able to straighten the work piece in real time requiring only minimal operator intervention similar to the operation of the PAS-D System.


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