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Neural Applications

Laser Welding



Laser Welding

Welding of the 2.5mm thick 5xxx aluminum series to the 4mm thick 6xxx aluminum series, was conducted using a 4.0kW High Power Direct Diode Laser (HPDDL) from Nuvonyx, Inc. All welding was conducted autogenously. The figures below show two different cross-sections of these welds, welded with slightly different parameters.


One of the advantages of the HPDD laser from Nuvonyx, Inc. is that it has a wavelength of approximately 810nm, which coincides with the absorption peak for aluminum. This increases the power effect on the aluminum alloy without increasing the power delivered as compared to other lasers.

The HPDDL was also chosen for this project due to some of the other advantages of the direct diode lasers which are; the high wall plug efficiency, order of magnitude smaller footprint, lower maintenance, and high control bandwidth. The HPDDL are very small and compact, such that the entire laser head can easily be mounted to the end of the robotic arm [J.M. Haake. "Applications and Benefits of Direct Diode Lasers". Laser Processing Consortium - Industrial Laser Processing Workshop, 1999].




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