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Diagnostic Expert System

Native American Technologies Inc. has developed a new type of expert system, as a result of NATechís 20+ years of experience developing expert systems for industrial and government customers.  It is called a Dynamic Expert System, and the software is called DYNEX.  Many expert systems for industrial application, in order to be useful, consist of several hundred, or even several thousand rules.  These systems are very useful, but can become very complex to maintain and to update.  The NATech approach in developing the DYNEX system was to substantially simplify the overall structure of the software, and make it very easy for a designated individual or group of individual maintenance experts, who may not be computer or expert system guruís, to maintain and update the system.

Ease of maintenance is the single most important feature for continued application of an expert system.  Although user friendliness is very important, if the system is not properly designed and organized for maintenance, then the rule structure will become convoluted over time with various experts adding rules or adjusting system performance.  The result is a system that becomes more and more difficult to maintain and slowly becomes less useful and more expensive to operate.  By developing a highly organized and simple rule structure, the NATech system has been able to provide customers with functional and useful systems that remain so over a long period of time.  It is relatively easy for almost anyone to develop an expert system using one of several expert system software tools.  But, NATech has been providing expert systems for customer applications for nearly two decades and the NATech staff clearly understands the long term maintenance issues for expert systems.  DYNEX is not sold as a commercial package for expert system development; instead it is sold to customers with an expert system pre-developed by NATech and with training and optional maintenance agreements.













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